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Face pack


Cosmetic Gaiya original


14 types of herbs handed down from ancient times and

​ Contains skin conditioning ingredients

Skin troubles like these
​ Any trouble?

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Dry skin, dullness...
がいや>フェイスパック (4).png
​Not enough firmness and moisture...
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Lately my skin has changed...
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がいや>フェイスパック (5).png
がいや>フェイスパック (7).png

I will take care of everything!

Moisturizing, new skin care

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がいや>フェイスパック (8).png

reduce daily stress

Discerning point

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Plenty of content 30​ sheets
がいや>フェイスパック (4).png
9 free prescriptions that are gentle on the skin*
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Purchasers of "​Zen" will receive a healing sound source and mindfulness peace sound source that can be enjoyed while wearing a face mask!
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